Calysto during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Update: Fall & Winter 2021
Doing our best to live the new normal

The current Alberta Health Measures w.r.t. COVID-19 read as follows:

As of September 20, in-scope businesses, entities and events must follow one of these 2 options:
  1. Implement the Restrictions Exemption Program requiring proof of vaccination or negative test result, plus mandatory masking, to continue operating as usual, or
  2. Comply with all public health restrictions as outlined in Order 44-2021

The band is doing its best to carry on despite the ever-changing COVID climate. We are operating under Alberta's Restriction Exemption Program. In our case, all our members are fully vaccinated.


The Covid-19 situation changes rapidly so we can't say with certainty what the future holds. However, we are optimistic and are taking bookings for future performances. We remain flexible and understand that some performances may not be able to take place. But for now, we are looking forward to playing!

We are always respectful of, and adhere to, local restrictions and recommendations, and will take whatever measures are necessary to make you (and us) feel safe. All our members are fully vaccinated and will be masked for indoor events. Email us at if you are interested in having us at your event.